I’m an editor, strategist and internet thinker™.

I aim to make knowledge and creativity more accessible. I’ve been doing this for the past decade or so through creating media, hosting conversations and building communities.

I’m interested in the societal and cultural impact of new technologies; how the tools we use change the way we express ourselves, connect with others and create meaning in our lives.






What I’m doing these days I run co—matter, an independent research & strategy studio. We help organizations understand how the world is changing & what to do about it.

I write a newsletter. I use writing as a process to get clarity and connect ideas, resulting in longer-form essays on topics such as the value of NFTs, the gamification of web3 and the evolution of identity.

I host The Culture & Technology Podcast, a series of conversations with curators, researchers, artists, architects, directors and other leading creatives on how technology shapes cultural experiences.

I’m a founding member of ProteinDAO, contributor at RADAR DAO and curator at Startupy.

I’m working out of a beautiful little studio in a quiet backyard in Kreuzberg, Berlin. I’d love to establish it as a shared space for a small group of people working on similar topics.

What I’m also doing

I use a camera (Ricoh GRIII) to take pictures and take it almost everywhere I go. I still adhere to the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography and am currently experimenting with new ways to share my pictures.

I love cycling and started a cycling club called Friends of Velocity. It’s dormant right now but we occasionally still go for rides around Berlin.

During the first pandemic lockdown I started Tunes in Rooms with my friend Guido Spannocchi. Over 11 editions we brought underground jazz to an online audience and raised funds to support musicians when clubs were closed. I was once a teacher, teaching the history of philosophy in high school. I’d love to get back into teaching, somewhere along the lines of philosophy meets new media.

What I’ve done before I was part of the early team of a startup (EyeEm) and built its community, brand and creative partnerships for six years. We competed with Instagram and got acquired in 2021. I’m a founding member of Techfestival, a Copenhagen based think tank and festival. I was interim global marketing & brand strategy lead for Samsung’s investment and innovation arm (Samsung Next).

Before that I was managing editor at Lomography, the analog photo community that became a global brand when digital cameras became ubiquitous. I studied philosophy in Vienna and Paris, eventually discovering media philosophy as the connecting layer between my interest in technology & its influence on the way we perceive and understand the world.

How to get in touch

Twitter or email 🏇